The Shift

The Shift: A better way to lose weight, build and tone muscle by Rafael Montelongo

Can exercising for ten minutes a day really be enough to reward you with lower body fat, increased muscle / tone, improvements in stamina and overall health? The answer to that question is an emphatic YES! Ten minutes a day is enough, IF and only IF you follow the right program, a program such as The Shift.

The Shift is a culmination of years of research and data effectively and efficiently stitched together by a dedicated engineer who dared to ask the question in the first place. Accepting that his busy lifestyle did not allow for hitting the gym for an hour or more every day…  Read more…


Follow the Dotted Line by Nancy Hersage

A New Mystery Novel and Coming of Age Story for Boomers

Andrea Bravos is dazed and amazed when a Styrofoam burger box with her ex’s ashes arrives in the mail. Her adventure to find out what happened will upset officials of several small countries, insult the founders of three major religions, give her four adult children acid reflux, and lead her to assault with a deadly golf club. Read more…


The-Exit-Strategy.jpgThe Exit Strategy by Gaina Radford

Practical, Funny and Well Written ~ Review by Sarah

Loved this book! Couldn’t put it down. Very practical guide on how to realise that your relationship is going bad with very helpful tips and tricks on what to do pre and post divorce. Really enjoyed the stories that Gaina included – very funny. Its a practical guide on what to ask my lawyer which will save me time and money. Liked the ‘Men’ Chapter….as I forgot that men are great and not all like my ex! Well worth the read. Read more…