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A long time ago, I was told that I am someone who “gets lost in books”. Following a dream I had last fall (2013), I decided the main focus of this blog is for books.

On occasion I shall introduce you to the people I love to learn from and enjoy. Yes many of them are authors.

Now this may sound funny but it is true. The first person I learn from is myself. A higher part of myself via my dreams and daydreams.

For example: What can happen when you do the dishes…


I have written a Memoir and have decided to publish it here!

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Horrible Piano Player

My mother has great friends. Once such friend; is the late Carol Z. Bless her soul. Carol was incredibly witty and smart. She was not afraid to speak her mind and share knowledge

Here is an example of a conversation we had: Carol asked me, “If I were to tell you that you were a horrible piano player, what would you do?” I answered that I would laugh and agree with her about that. She responded by telling me that is because I do not see myself as being a piano player.

Then she asked, if I said you were a horrible mother, how would you respond?” I said that I would get mad at you and feel hurt that you would say such a thing. Carol then replied by saying, “Exactly. The reason you would do that is because your identity is tied up in being a great mother. It all comes back to that and that is how we react to things in our life.” …read more


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